Betterbird: Release Notes

102.5.0-bb24 (15 November 2022)

Based on Thunderbird 102.5.0, release notes.
For scheduling reasons, 102.5.0-bb24 does not include bug 1751288 (keyboard shortcut Ctrl/Cmd+N for creating a new contact)

Fixed in this version:

FIXED - Folder search and search/virtual folder not working when based on more than 500 folders, also causing MSF file loss - Bug 1554188
FIXED - Potential massive loss of MSF files when folder cache (folderCache.json) is (re-build), for example when moving the profile or adding folders from backup - Bug 1800202
FIXED - Status display "Searching..." not cleared when messages loaded for search/virtual folder - Bug 561328

Fixed in prior 102.x versions (Betterbird specific):

NEW - Re-enable additional languages (via Betterbird language packs) and language switching in the settings (fixed in 102.3.0)
NEW - Thunderbird language packs which are incompatible with Betterbird can no longer be installed (fixed in 102.3.0)
CHANGED - WM_CLASS on Linux is now "betterbird" (fixed in 102.3.0)

Fixed in Betterbird, not fixed in Thunderbird 102.5.0 yet:

Fixes provided by the Betterbird project and integrated into Thunderbird to be released later

FIXED - "Move/copy to <folder> Again" menu item didn't work if target folder name wasn't encodable in ISO-8859-1 (fixed in 102.4.2) - Bug 1798172
CHANGED - Selecting or unselecting a dictionary in the editor context menu doesn't close the menu (fixed in 102.0) - Bug 1761417
FIXED - Various problems when saving the compose window as file (fixed in 91.9.1) - Bug 1676825
FIXED - Status text sometimes displayed "null" (fixed in 91.9.0) - Bug 1766578
FIXED - .startup-incomplete not deleted from profile (fixed in 91.8.0) - Bug 1762043
FIXED - Copying NBSP replaced NBSP with regular space (fixed in 91.8.0) - Bug 359303, Bug 1769534
Various minor Thunderbird fixes shipped early: Bug 1708320, Bug 1735803, Bug 1777276, Bug 1782415, Bug 1783517, Bug 1794180

Features and fixes exclusive to Betterbird (new in the 102 series):

NEW - More menu options for selecting multi-line view: All folders, individual folders, switched off (fixed in 102.3.1)
FIXED - "Open in Conversation" not present on menus when collapsed thread was selected (fixed in 102.3.1) - Bug 668491
FIXED - Fix drag of image from MyPhoneExplorer (MPE) to compose window (fixed in 102.3.0) - Bug 1790291
NEW - Added non-breaking hyphen (U+2011) and em-dash (U+2014) to "Insert Character/Symbol" menu (en-dash was added previously) (fixed in 102.2.1)
FIXED - Potential massive loss of MSF files when searching for message via message ID (fixed in 102.2.1) - Bug 1787609
FIXED - Compositions using "fixed width" text at a non-default size erroneously downgraded to plain text (fixed in 102.2.0 )- Bug 1786162
NEW - By popular demand, the multi-line view now also supports threading (fixed in 102.0)
CHANGED - Better styling for summary lines in "grouped by" multi-line views (fixed in 102.0)
NEW - Option to send message as HTML or plain text, depending on whether rich formatting is used (fixed in 102.0)
CHANGED - Unlike Thunderbird, Betterbird does not use a threaded view for new folders (preference mailnews.default_view_flags, 0 = normal, 1 = threaded) (fixed in 102.0)
FIXED - Some disturbing error console messages (fixed in 102.0) - Bug 1744944
FIXED - Multiple spellcheck dictionaries not reliably set in new composition and not restored when editing draft (fixed in 102.0) - Bug 1775376

Features and fixes exclusive to Betterbird (already in the 91 series):

NEW - Multi-line view. View > Layout > Multi-line View On All Folders or per folder in the column picker
NEW - Search terms now allow for complex expressions by adding a group feature - Bug 297852
NEW - Quick Filter untagged messages - Bug 683809
FIXED - Global search in encrypted messages (needs to be enabled in preferences) - Bug 188988
NEW - Regular folder search and Quick Filter in encrypted messages - Bug 1562737
CHANGED - Windows systray tooltip now showing list folders with new messages - Bug 1721063
NEW - Context menu in a news message now includes "Open Message For ID" (message pane only, not in message in tab)
FIXED - New posts in ignored threads caused "phantom" unread messages. "Mark > Thread As Read" will fix corruption - Bug 799040
NEW - Preferences mail.addressDisplayAuthor and mail.addressDisplayRecipients (1 = name, 2 = e-mail, 3 = both) for message list display - Bug 697031
NEW - Showing file URL for detached attachments, correct size and strike-through for deleted files - Bug 1740956, Bug 1741093
NEW - Folder context menu now offers to set folder as startup folder (instead of last visited)
NEW - Add Recent menu to allow attaching recently used files (Windows only) - Bug 1560737
FIXED - Issues when dragging Windows shell link (.lnk) or folder to Write (compose) window - Bug 276869, Bug 524874
CHANGED - Activity manager opens in tab
FIXED - Attachments saved via double-click didn't get listed in the list of saved files (Ctrl+J) - Bug 1744709
NEW - Ctrl+Shift+Space inserts NBSP now, also mostly fixes "automatic" unwanted NBSP replacement - Bug 532712
FIXED - Inserting links with spaces gave random erroneous results - Bug 1563452
FIXED - Repair Text Encoding didn't repair the subject - Bug 1739609

Not mentioned in the front page feature table:
NEW - Preference mail.openpgp.ignore_missing_mdc to allow display of attachments with missing MDC - Bug 1729221
NEW - Added preference mail.biff.show_for_server to optionally suppress biff notifications for server root folders.
FIXED - Subject change with "new subject (was: old subject)" didn't work - Bug 1680425
FIXED - Feed reader didn't tolerate any XML errors; now it will try fetching the feed as HTML as a fallback - Bug 1746749
FIXED - Moving multiple IMAP folders didn't work - Bug 589008
FIXED - Copying an embedded image didn't work under certain circumstances - Bug 1760365
FIXED - ... and a few more: Comma in detached file name (Bug 350825), Charset forward detection (Bug 1737245), Charset detection (Bug 1746695)

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