Betterbird: Add-ons

We are now hosting some of the Betterbird/Thunderbird add-ons provided by our project leader on this site.


Thunderbird HTML editor. This add-on adds a HTML tab to the composition window where you can see and edit the HTML source of the message.

Original idea by Łukasz 'Arivald' Płomiński, author of the Stationery add-on. We liked the font preview in the font indicator that Stationery provides, so we included it here, too.

HTML editing provided by the Ace HTML editor,

If the HTML tab doesn't work for you, that is, the insertion position doesn't coincide with the caret position, make sure you have a monospace font selected for monospace in Fonts & Encodings for both Latin and Other Writing Systems. Also check the ThunderHTMLedit options and select a monospace font there. If you set fonts in your userChrome.css, you also need to add this line:
@namespace url("");

Latest version: thunderHTMLedit-3.3.0.xpi

Obtaining a license for ThunderHTMLedit

This add-on is free software. However, after a while it will request to make a donation. Users who have paid the minimum suggested contribution (US$ 6 or 5 Euros) will receive a license code to stop further reminders. Please allow three working days for processing.

Quick Folder Move Classic

Quick Folder Move (original author Philipp Kewisch) is part of our workflow. For Thunderbird 115 the add-on changed to a completely new UI. We prefer the previous style which appears more integrated into the overall Thunderbird/Betterbird UI. So we decided to fork it and we're distributing the "Classic" version here.

These are the keyboard shortcuts:

Latest version:

Installation (all add-ons)

Download with Save Link As in your browser (right-click on the link following "Latest version" above) and install manually via Install Add-on From File… in the Add-ons Manager (Tools > Add-ons and Themes) of Thunderbird or Betterbird:

Updates are automatic.