Betterbird: System Requirements


Operating Systems

Windows Recommended Hardware


Linux is a can of worms due to the many distributions. The executables we build on a current version of Mint 20.2 (as of August 2021) require GLIBC 2.30 to run. Thunderbird can run on earlier versions of GLIBC. See here for a list of distributions and click on the respective distribution link to see the GLIBC version. For example the supported versions 20 and 19 of Linux Mint use GLIBC 2.31 and 2.27 respectively. "Modern" Ubuntu 20+ also provides a working GLIBC whereas Debian 9 "Stretch" does not.

Note that Ubuntu's Thunderbird build uses the EGL 1.5 graphics API whereas Mozilla-built Thunderbird and Betterbird use GLX 1.4 which can lead to blurry fonts.